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These resources provide support for students making the transition between 'synthetic' Latin and authentic texts.

CSCP Support Materials

Interactive Text 'Explorer' [11/12/2020]

Translation [11/12/2020]

Student Study Booklet [11/12/2020]

Full Notes and Commentary [06/11/2021]

Notes and Commentary section by section


Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

Section E

Section F

Section G

Section H

Section I


Eduqas Documents

The CSCP materials were originally designed to support students preparing for an examination offered by a United Kingdom exam board called Eduqas. You may find some of thier materials useful too:

Prescribed Text

Vocabulary List

These documents are hosted on the Eduqas GCSE Latin site.

Attribution: Helen Stratton (1915), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons